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Nature/Birdwatching Tours in Puerto Rico

Nature/Birdwatching Tours

Puerto Rico is home to hundreds of endemic, visitor and migrating bird species such as warblers, hummingbirds, cuckoos, parrots and more. The avifauna of Puerto Rico is composed of 349 species, 18 of which are endemic. Approximately 120 species, including both native and introduced, breed regularly in the island. Our experienced guides will put you in direct contact with nature and will help you find and identify the birds. If you love birds and nature, this birding expedition is for you.

The Island is full of many other animals, plants and wonders of nature worth exploring. You can see manatees, crabs, whales, dolphins, lizards... There are many different places to be in contact with nature like forests, beaches, caves, rivers and more. These tours are also customizable. We can give you several options of places to go, length of the tour and other activities to combine it with. Contact us today to design the right nature tour for you.

Nature Tours in Puerto Rico

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Anativa Tours is a local business based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, dedicated to providing customized guided tours of the main attractions in our Island. Our guides have more than 30 years of experience offering unforgettable tourism experiences to our visitors from all over the World. Our experience and professionalism are backed by our government certifications and by loyal tourists who come back to us.

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  • Puerto Rico Tourism Company certified tour guide
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  • Trasportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) granted by USA Department of Homeland Security
  • Over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry
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First Class Transportation around Puerto Rico

First Class Transportation

We want you to be comfortable and safe at all times. That is why we drive our valued customers around the Island in our updated, 7 passenger Mercedes Benz van with AC and comfy seats. We can pick you up at the port, airport or hotel. If you come with a larger group, we can provide an extra vehicle. All our vehicles and guides are certified. Relax and enjoy your tour!

Certified Tour Guide by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company
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Take a nature tour to explore the fabulous green mountains in our island Our local guide, Victor Feliciano, will take you to the best nature spots around See hummingbirds and other birds in our birdwatching tours The most interesting creatures can be found on our nature tours Puerto Rico has many miles of mountains full of adventures to explore Our guide has the experience to find and show you wildlife in their natural habitat birdwatching tours are very popular in puerto rico Go on the trails and see the most amazing creatures of Puerto Rico See the San Pedritos, one of our endemic species Enjoy a day at the beach sunbathing, snorkeling or playing games with friends and family Our tour guides can take you to increadible caverns in puerto rico See the bats at the cave tours in puerto rico Many miles of caves and mountains to explore Many migrating species make Puerto Rico a home every year Sea turtles come to our coast to lay eggs on our sandy beaches Watch out, on our trails you will always find someone to take you on Dont miss them, some of them dont want to be seen as easily Our local fauna comes in all shapes and colors Birdwatching tours is a great way to enjoy mother nature's creatures